Popular Questions

You can participate by sponsoring a Recipient.  Additionally, you can host a Special Event in your area, and/or take part in the Budweiser Retail Promotion, which will support Folds of Honor.

The deadline to have a named scholarship is May 31, 2018. However, if you want to contribute to the general scholarship fund, you may do so at any time.

Our scholarships are capped at $5,000 per individual. Applicants can apply yearly for support as they continue their education.

Absolutely! Raising awareness is another key component of our partnership with Budweiser. Therefore, executing the program at retail is encouraged, regardless if you donate to the program or not. Your financial investment is entirely up to you.

Absolutely! The need for financial assistance is ever increasing, as are the number of applicants. Each scholarship is valued at $5,000.   Contributing at a greater amount will not only provide a scholarship, but will also help Folds absorb administrative costs in distributing the funds, allowing us to award even more Recipients.

Due to IRS regulations, you cannot designate a specific family or individual. However, we will work to find a Recipient in your market that you can sponsor.

If we cannot match a Recipient from your market, we will advise you and your donation will be used to fund another deserving Recipient from your state or another area of the country. If you choose not to fund a scholarship from outside your area, you can let us know this is your intention and we will refund your donation. The decision is entirely yours.

The application season runs from February 1 to March 31. Award notifications are dispersed to approved applicants throughout the summer.

With respect and care. We will provide you with contact information, as well as a bio on the Recipient and their Service Member.  A phone call or an email typically works well.  Please contact us, if you have any questions.

Yes! Many of the wholesalers ask this question to better prepare them for their conversation with the family. We will provide as much information as possible in regard to the family’s situation. This information can be very sensitive/private, so we appreciate your discretion.

Please contact FoH staff for ideas, support/assistance.

The Folds of Honor Board of Directors determines the scholarship policies, and the Scholarship department vets the application under the Board’s guidelines.

Other Common Questions

Funds are sent directly to the Recipient’s educational institution.

We send all donations directly to the Tulsa Community Fund (TCF), as TCF administers the payment of tuition and other expenses to the school/university/accredited institution on behalf of the scholarship Recipient. All Budweiser and wholesaler donations are kept in a labeled fund separate from general donations so that we can fund a Recipient in your area – if available.

Scholarships are awarded to dependents of military members killed or disabled in the line of duty. We require a DD214, VA disability rating, and birth certificate or other form that proves dependency.

You can host an informational event, to bring awareness to your support of the FoH and to attract potential scholarship Recipients. Additionally, you can partner with your local; Military Bases, National Guard Units, VA, USO, American Legion Post or VFW clubs to spread the word. Placing banners in appropriate retail locations will also bring attention to your support of FoH. Appropriate sign making templates are available for your use.

The need for scholarships is always great; however, some areas have a greater need than others. Consider giving your donation to the general fund and not having a named scholarship, or donating to a neighboring area that may have a greater demand for scholarships. Either way, you are helping the family of an American Hero.

We give funds based on the need of a Recipient. For example, Stacey may only need $4,500 for her educational need. We will put the remainder into the general funds and fund the educational needs of another Recipient.

You can further participate by supporting the retail promotions around Budweiser Freedom Reserve or a Golf Tournament.

That decision is entirely up to you. Each Recipient is awarded $5,000 per year. The more you donate the more lives we can change together!

The choice is yours. The majority of Recipients have welcomed meeting generous donors such as yourself, but it is ultimately your call. You can award the Recipient with their scholarship in a number of ways. Hosting a Special Event in their honor, at halftime at a local basketball game, throwing out the first pitch at a minor or major league baseball game, etc .  . Please contact us for additional ideas and support.

Dependents of military members who were killed or disabled in service to our great nation. For more specific requirements, please direct questions to www.foldsofhonor.org/scholarships.

There are two different Scholarships that a dependent can apply for; the Children’s Scholarship Fund (CF), and the Higher Ed Scholarship (HE). The CF requirements are 90-100% combat related disability or loss of limb or life. The service member requirements for HE are 10-100% combined service connected evaluation or loss of limb or life. There are required documents that must be submitted with each application to prove disability. These requirements can be found on www.foldsofhonor.org/scholarships.